Storage Services

Moving house can be a very stressful time. Home storage (putting your home belongings into self storage) offers a practical solution helping to smooth out the kinks, so you can take your time and pack at your own pace – allowing self storage to make your house move to run like clockwork.

Big yellow storage is one of the top leading storage companies in the uk.
We are a recognised removal company and are recommended by big yellow self storage.

Lifters removals also highly recommends big yellow storage as a company they work tirelessly to fulfil the needs of there clients and we are very honoured to be in association with them.

If you are needing a storage unit you can call one of our team who would be happy to come to your home or place of removal.

we can asses the area of space you may need at the storage company.

We will then give you an estimated size and we will have someone from the company contact you to go through the details and get you settled in.

Remember there is never any pressure from either company the quotations given are free and estimated quotations there is no fee and no hidden costs to our clients.

Pack your home in stages with your own storage room

Feeling the pressure of the removal van arriving? Who says packing has to be done in a day – or even a week?

A much more relaxed way to move places is to take things gradually and tackle packing bit by bit. A self storage unit, handily located near you, is a secure half-way house where you can keep packed boxes ready for moving day.

Start by packing up things you rarely use and move boxes into your storage room as soon as they’re sealed and labelled with the contents. Not only will you get ahead with your packing, you won’t be tripping over work already done as you try to move to the next area. You can start the initial process weeks, or even months, in advance, and as your cupboards and rooms become less crammed, your house will appear more spacious and attractive to buyers.

Unpack your new home in stages with flexible self storage

Once you’re all moved in, having storage near you can give you a little time to settle – especially if there are initial works or repairs that need doing in your new property. Also, by gradually unpacking items in storage, furniture and other possessions are easier to assess, helping you decide where to put them or if you really want to keep them. Home self storage can also buy you time to improve your new home’s storage capability, so that what you do keep doesn’t get under your feet – making your home feel more spacious and better organised. You can also treat a smaller self storage unit like a spare room, safeguarding things you’re not using right now and creating some overflow. Your storage room will keep things protected while they’re out of sight.